Popular Methods Of Using THC You Should Consider Trying

When most people smoke marijuana, they will either smoke joints, or they will use a bong. There are other ways that you can get marijuana into your system which are not conventional, such as using edibles, or vaping THC oil. If you already vape e-liquids, it is likely that you have a vaping device such as a MOD with a clearomizer tank. Here are a couple of ways that you might want to consider getting THC into your system that are very unique, and can provide you with a pleasant experience so you can be sure you are not sold defective drugs.

Use Edibles

Many people have had marijuana brownies before, and they are very easy to cook. There are hundreds of recipes on the Internet that you can use. There are several things that you can make including raspberry macaroons, barbecue nuts, reef jerky, and even ice cream that is very good to eat. Many people like to bake their goods and eat them, giving them a treat at the end of the day. For those that like to stick with more conventional ways of getting THC into their system are going to use vaping devices.

Vape Your THC

This actually becomes very popular with people that use CBD oil in order to help with chronic pain. It’s also a great way to start healing from injuries that you have had, and some people use this as part of a cancer treatment. You can also get oil that has THC which can provide you with the same type of hit that you get when you use a bong, joint or blunt. You can also get multiple flavors and use either oil or wax which can provide you with a unique experience.

Drink Your THC

There are many products on the market today where you can drink your marijuana such as products called Legal, Dixie Elixirs, and Canna Cola. You can choose from multiple flavors, made in very unique bottles that become collectibles. It really is a growing industry. For others, they prefer drinking it as a tea which can be piping hot or served cold. Many people find ways of making coffee drinks so you can benefit from not only the THC but the caffeine in the coffee.

Use Topicals

In the same way that you can use different types of cream that have analgesics or even opiates, you can do the same with THC. There are many creams and balms that are infused with cannabis and can be part of your skin care regimen. The reason that this works is the fact it goes directly into your skin through CB1 and CB2 receptors. Best of all, it’s going to be absent the typical sense of marijuana so no one will even know that your hand cream, or face cream, is helping you get this into your body.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you are thinking of other ways of getting THC into your system. It’s something that is an ever-growing industry. The more it is legalized, the better off people are going to be in regard to their health and state of mind. Cannabis has been, and always will be, a beneficial product which is being recognized more every day. Try some of these unique strategies for benefiting from THC that you can either order online or pickup at your local cannabis store.