Cannabis and Religion

In contemporary society, many of us within the United States are aware of the legal challenges that cannabis (marijuana, pot, weed, etc.) faces in its path toward becoming marketable to the general public. However, while the general public seems to have focused on taking varying stances across the spectrum regarding the use of cannabis, either functionally or recreationally, there are those the world over who, for a great array of reasons – some even quite familiar – formulate their opinions of cannabis and its use in society.

Like many who take up the mantle either for or against the use of cannabis in any capacity, religions around the world either perpetuate its use openly, in limited areas or not at all. Some religions seem more secure in tolerating its use while others strictly forbid its use altogether due to its generally hallucinogenic properties.

Many religions that seem to oppose the use of marijuana do so from the stance of its use in recreation. Several of these same religions also recognize in the modern day that it seems to provide medicinal properties that cannot be easily substituted in regard to its convenience. However, as a general rule, most major religions of the world appear to oppose the use of cannabis as a whole. Catholicism, and Pope Francis specifically, makes mention that, “a reduction in the spread and influence of drug addiction will not be achieved by a liberalization of drug use.” The Orthodox Church in Georgia has actively resisted the legalization of marijuana in its entire country, and Protestantism – while seemingly divided over the issue of medical marijuana – seems to be in general agreement over the discouragement of the use of marijuana as a recreational drug (along with alcohol and tobacco). The Church of Latter-day Saints, like Protestantism, was also known to oppose openly the legalization of marijuana. Islam and most of Judaism alike discourage cannabis as an intoxicant and, therefore, not permitted by their respective laws, although some Orthodox rabbis support the use of medical marijuana as kosher. The Baha’i Faith, which is said to advocate the teachings of several different prominent historical and religious figures, openly resists the use of marijuana as that which sprouts from the “infernal tree” and, according to an excerpt from Abdu’l Bahá, is thought to, “extinguish the mind, freeze the spirit, petrify the soul, waste the body, and leave man frustrated and lost.”

There are some religions, however, that actively prescribe marijuana for its medicinal uses as well as its properties as they pertain to religious and spiritual practices, such as Buddhism, which makes use of cannabis (as well as other plants) in the Mahakala Tantra. Although conflicting accounts exist, Hinduism claims that cannabis is a generally sacred plant, one that either was created by Shiva or sprang from the earth when a drop of “Amrita” (elixir of life) fell to the ground. This high regard of cannabis encourages many Hindus to consume cannabis during various festivals, even despite the fact that cannabis is a generally forbidden substance in Nepal where many Hindus reside. Rastafari practitioners regularly implement cannabis, claiming it is the Tree of Life to which the Bible refers. Although it is not necessary to use cannabis as a Rastafari, many of its practices include cannabis at the fundamental level, including consumption for the sake of cosmic consciousness and to “burn the corruption out of the human heart.” Rastafari even encourages members to rub the ashes from smoked cannabis into the skin.

So, while the reasoning behind the use or misuse of cannabis may be wide ranging among various religions of the world, the general spectrum of opinion in itself seems no less polarized.


What’s The Difference Between Hashish And Marijuana?

Ever wondered what the difference is between Marijuana and Hashish, also commonly referred to as Hash? There are actually 3 main differences.

Firstly, marijuana is commonly produced from the Hemp plant while Hashish is produced from the Cannabis plants. While these are different species of the same plant, Cannabis has a much higher concentration of THC. THC or Tetrahydrocannbinol, is the chemical contained in both the Hemp and Cannabis plants that is responsible for the psychoactive effects. In other words, it’s the bit that makes you feel high when smoking or consuming the substance.

It mainly works on the brain to release greater amounts of dopamine and other chemicals to achieve the feelings of happiness, contentment, relaxation and euphoria related to these drugs. It also works on the endocannabinoid system in the human body by combining with the receptors to create a great variety of different benefits, most significantly, controlling emotions, slowing reaction time and alleviating pain.

It is important to understand that cannabidiols similar to THC and CBD found in the Cannabis and Hemp plant are naturally produced in the human body in small quantities to fulfill essential functions. The amount of THC contained in these plants overwhelm the endocannabinoid system which results in the feeling of being “high”.

The second major difference between Hashish and Marijuana is in the part of the plant from which it is produced. Hashish only uses the female flower which is considered to have the highest concentration of THC. On the other hand, Marijuana uses both male and female flowers, leaves and stems from the Hemp plant. While all parts of the Hemp plant do contain THC, it is in a much lower concentration than that which is contained in the female flower alone.

The flowers are also commonly referred to as heads. The female flower will produce seeds if pollination from a male flower occurs. While the seeds can be removed, it is ideal in the production of hashish for no seeds to be present. In some cases, a couple of seeds may appear in a female head even if pollination has not occurred.

The third main difference between Marijuana and Hashish is in the way it is produced. Marijuana production consists basically of dehydrating or drying the different parts of the hemp plant and crushing them to create a tobacco like substance that can be smoked or consumed.

Hashish on the other hand is made from the resin of the Cannabis plant. The female flowers secrete a significant amount of resin when cut or handled. This resin is then collected to form a waxy ball or block that is dark brown or black in appearance. There are a variety of different methods that can be used to extract the maximum amount if resin from the Cannabis plant.

So at the end of the day, it all comes down to concentration. Hashish has a higher concentration of THC than Marijuana and therefore has greater psychoactive effect on the brain.

Popular Methods Of Using THC You Should Consider Trying

When most people smoke marijuana, they will either smoke joints, or they will use a bong. There are other ways that you can get marijuana into your system which are not conventional, such as using edibles, or vaping THC oil. If you already vape e-liquids, it is likely that you have a vaping device such as a MOD with a clearomizer tank. Here are a couple of ways that you might want to consider getting THC into your system that are very unique, and can provide you with a pleasant experience so you can be sure you are not sold defective drugs.

Use Edibles

Many people have had marijuana brownies before, and they are very easy to cook. There are hundreds of recipes on the Internet that you can use. There are several things that you can make including raspberry macaroons, barbecue nuts, reef jerky, and even ice cream that is very good to eat. Many people like to bake their goods and eat them, giving them a treat at the end of the day. For those that like to stick with more conventional ways of getting THC into their system are going to use vaping devices.

Vape Your THC

This actually becomes very popular with people that use CBD oil in order to help with chronic pain. It’s also a great way to start healing from injuries that you have had, and some people use this as part of a cancer treatment. You can also get oil that has THC which can provide you with the same type of hit that you get when you use a bong, joint or blunt. You can also get multiple flavors and use either oil or wax which can provide you with a unique experience.

Drink Your THC

There are many products on the market today where you can drink your marijuana such as products called Legal, Dixie Elixirs, and Canna Cola. You can choose from multiple flavors, made in very unique bottles that become collectibles. It really is a growing industry. For others, they prefer drinking it as a tea which can be piping hot or served cold. Many people find ways of making coffee drinks so you can benefit from not only the THC but the caffeine in the coffee.

Use Topicals

In the same way that you can use different types of cream that have analgesics or even opiates, you can do the same with THC. There are many creams and balms that are infused with cannabis and can be part of your skin care regimen. The reason that this works is the fact it goes directly into your skin through CB1 and CB2 receptors. Best of all, it’s going to be absent the typical sense of marijuana so no one will even know that your hand cream, or face cream, is helping you get this into your body.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you are thinking of other ways of getting THC into your system. It’s something that is an ever-growing industry. The more it is legalized, the better off people are going to be in regard to their health and state of mind. Cannabis has been, and always will be, a beneficial product which is being recognized more every day. Try some of these unique strategies for benefiting from THC that you can either order online or pickup at your local cannabis store.

Alternatives To Smoking Pot

If you are someone that smokes pot to de-stress and to provide your body with a way to relax, there are plenty of ways to successfully do so without having to do any sort of drug. There are a lot of activities that you can replace your pot smoking habit with that can provide you with the same kind of positive effects that you might be getting from marijuana usage. Below, we will be going over some of the top alternatives to smoking pot that don’t include the use of other drugs.

Top Alternatives To Smoking Pot:

1. Meditation.

Meditation is one of the best ways to relax and to de-stress. This is a practice that can truly provide a great method of relaxing and to treat anxiety. After all, it has been practiced for centuries to do just that. Meditation is essentially a way of helping you feel calm and providing you with a good and clear awareness of your life. There are a variety of forms of meditation, each providing the same type of benefits that you might be experiencing when you smoke pot. You will be practicing special breathing techniques and you will be doing things that really help to calm your mind and body and provide your mind and body with a special connection that you might have been able to achieve with your smoking habit.

2. Running.

Another very good and healthy way to relax and get a sort of healthy ‘high’ would be to take up running. Running is an excellent way to help your body and your mind relax just as you would if you were to smoke a joint. Because running can increase a number of endorphins in your brain, it is going to provide you with a natural and healthy ‘high’ feeling. Along with this, it is simply going to make you feel better overall due to allowing your body to get the exercise that it needs.

3. Float Tank.

Another excellent way to substitute your smoking sessions for the same kind of sensation and feeling would be to use a float tank. A float tank is a sensory deprivation tank that is going to place you in a tank full of salt water. Because the salt water will be concentrated enough to keep you afloat, it is going to be a way to completely immerse yourself into an experience of being in space. As a result, any sort of pain, tension, or stress that you might have in your body will be released for that time period which will allow you to have this level of focus you would never be able to achieve otherwise. This kind of activity can really mimic what your mind might be tricking your body into while you are smoking pot. This is a great activity to do if you are someone that wants to have the same kind of moments you might have had of ultra focus with your pot smoking.

In Which States Is Marijuana Legal?

The last few years have seen much reform in the legislation regarding the legalization of Marijuana and its classification as an illegal substance. In fact, in some states across the US, it has become legal to sell, buy and use different elements of the Marijuana plant.

However, there are still some regulations that do apply and there are different classifications for the degree of legalization.

1. Legal Marijuana States

The states of Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, and California have fully legalized the use of Marijuana meaning it can be legally sold, bought, grown and used. However, restrictions still apply to minors under the age of 18 years.

2. Decriminalization Of Marijuana

Decriminalization simply means that no criminal charges can be made for the sale, use or purchase of the substance. Other penalties like fines may still however apply. Marijuana has been decriminalized in Maryland, Illinois, Delaware, Minnesota, Nebraska, Mississippi, New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Vermont, and Ohio. In Missouri, no smoking is allowed.

3. Medical Marijuana

States that have legalized the use of Marijuana for legal purposes include Alaska, California, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, West Virginia, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Sellers must be registered as a certified dispensary and buyers must carry a card stating that they are using Marijuana for medical purposes and what that purpose is. In some of these states, smoking the substance is still illegal according to a social security lawyer.

4. CBD Oil Legalization

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is an extract from the Marijuana, Hemp or Cannabis plant that greatly reduces or even eliminates the psychoactive effects of THC in the substance. Alabama, Wyoming, Georgia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia, Iowa, Kentucky, Utah, Mississippi, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

5. Legal Hemp

There is a great misconception that Hemp is legal across the United States. Hemp is not commonly used for recreational or medical purposes and has little to no psychoactive effects when smoked or consumed in any other form. It is generally used for other purposes such as the manufacture of fabric or other products.

States in which Hemp is legal include California, Washington, Colorado, West Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Vermont, Hawaii, Illinois, Utah, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Dakota, New York and North Carolina.

The legalization of Marijuana is not as simple as most people assume. It is recommended to check out the new legislation in relation to the state in which you live.

It is also important to note that there are still severe penalties for transporting Marijuana or Marijuana products (like CBD oil) over state borders. For example, if you are buying in a state where it is legal and transporting it into a state where only medical Marijuana has been legalized without the necessary medical card, you could face criminal charges.

Why Smoking Pot Is Better Than Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol has been the drug of choice of many for years. Alcohol is inexpensive, can alter your mood quickly, and can also relax you. It is also deadly and contributes to more fatal accidents than other drugs. Alcohol will also destroy your liver if you drink enough. A much better alternative is cannabis. You can’t overdose on it and it doesn’t have lethal side effects.

Alcohol is deadly if consumed in large enough quantities. It is toxic and if you drink enough of it, you are going to end up with permanent liver damage. Drinking too much damages your heart and increases your blood pressure. Another thing that can happen if you drink is that your risk of mouth, throat, and colon cancer go up. Not to mention your risk of getting into a serious accident goes way up.

Smoking pot is a much better alternative. It is safe, you can’t die from smoking it, and it has many different health benefits that can make you a healthier person. Smoking marijuana is a great way to relax. It decreases anxiety and improves your mood when you smoke it. You can feel your stress melt away when you smoke pot.

You can also smoke pot as a natural pain reliever. Pain medication has negative side effects, but there are no side effects to smoking pot. It is effective on chronic pain and works on all types of pain, including headaches and back pain. Smoking pot also reduces painful muscle spasms which makes it especially helpful for people with chronic back discomfort.

Smoking pot is a useful tool if you have cancer. Smoking pot regularly with help you deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. You won’t get nauseous and you won’t lose your appetite. You won’t feel as much pain from the chemotherapy either. It can also prevent your cancer from spreading and some studies suggest it can even kill cancer cells.

Marijuana has positive effects on your brain. It increases creativity and helps you to see things in new ways. Smoking pot increases verbal skills as well. When you smoke pot, dopamine is released in your brain which is relaxing and removes inhibitions which allow you think more freely. It also has a protective effect on the brain which can decrease your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and slow the disease down if you have it.

While many people think that smoking pot leads to obesity because it makes you hungry, the opposite is actually true. Smoking pot makes your metabolism healthier which helps you burn more calories even though you are eating more. Your body will have a healthier response to eating sugar and you won’t gain weight.

Pot is a much healthier alternative to alcohol and it not only relaxes you, but it also has positive effects on your health while reducing pain. Pot is much safer than alcohol and no one has ever died from smoking too much pot.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Types Of Marijuana?

Thanks not only to many decades of research but also many decades of crossbreeding, those who use marijuana can now enjoy many different strains of the plant. It is not much of a secret that the types of marijuana that are available today are a lot stronger than the strains that were available in the 1960s and 1970s. These newer strains also have some very interesting flavor profiles.

For example, there are marijuana strains available that taste like fruit.

Unfortunately, with all of the different strains available, it can be overwhelming to try and determine which ones are the best. The one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preference, but there are some types of marijuana that are more popular than others.

Green Crack

This strain of marijuana was given its name by the rapper Snoop Dogg. He named it based on the fact that most people who use this strain keep coming back to get more of it. It consists of indica and sativa dominant hybrids. The strain is said to offer users a very relaxing experience. Although it is not known for its taste or smell, it is deemed a favorite because it has high daytime usability.

Durban Poison

This is another type of marijuana that is legendary. It is strain that is classic sativa, and gets its name from the South African city it originated from.

Durban poison has a very sweet taste and is also perfect for use during the day. There are many who find the effects of this strain to be very energizing and calming, which helps them to have mental clarity and increased productivity.

Sour Diesel

This strain has a very good global reputation, and this is a reputation that is well earned. This strain does not only have a good flavor, it is also very powerful. The strain has lots of frosty trichomes and orange hairs, and these features help to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Even though the strain has a piney smell, lemony and fruit smells are emitted when it is smoked. The high is very relaxing and soothing, and users can ensure they will get their money’s worth.

Girl Scout Cookies

No, this has nothing to do with the sweet treats that are sold by the girls in green. This is a marijuana strain that has been a very popular pick for years. It has been crossed with several other strains as well. Other variations include:

  • Animal Cookies
  • Blue Sugar Cookies
  • Chem Scout

The original strain is from California, and is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush.

Tangerine Power

Strains that have fruity smells and flavors are very popular, and Tangerine Power is on top of the list. The strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a combination of Blue Power and Agent Orange.

The strain has a citrus aroma, with a touch of spice undertones. Many find that it is reminiscent of Afghan Kush. The high is uplifting and relaxing.

These are some of the popular strains of marijuana currently available. Some of these strains are more hard hitting than others, so smoke responsibly to avoid injuries while smoking, but they all are excellent choices for new and seasoned users.

Different Methods Of Smoke Pot For New Smokers

Thanks to social progress, marijuana is finally becoming legal across the United States. For the moment only the states of Washington and Colorado have fully legalized cannabis, but many more have made it legal for medical use. Naturally, when a new market opens there are businesses jumping at the chance to make money.

This means that people who were curious about smoking weed but had avoided doing so will be curious about it now that it’s legal. If that describes you, then there are some things you’ll need to know. Where to buy legal marijuana is obvious (you go to a dispensary), as is how much to buy. What you may not be as familiar with are the various ways to smoke pot.

Cheap Methods Of Smoking Pot

There are thousands of pictures of ridiculous marijuana smoking pipes out on the internet. There’s an old joke about how a pothead can take anything and turn it into a pipe, and there’s some truth to that. One of the cheapest and most common styles involves modifying a soda can since soda cans are cheap and plentiful.

Don’t do that. While it does work, it’s inefficient and potentially damaging. The cannabis doesn’t get packed correctly, so it doesn’t burn well enough to produce enough smoke. In addition, burning the paint can release toxins. This could damage your lungs in the long run.

Different Kind Of Marijuana Pipes

Some people smoke marijuana out of a traditional tobacco pipe. If you choose to do so, it’s no different from smoking tobacco.

Standard weed pipes come in three styles. One is a simple metal tube attached to a small metal cup. You can buy a small wire mesh designed to fit inside the cup, pack the weed in, and then light up and smoke.

The second kind is referred to as a “one-hitter”. It’s little more than a tube made of glass or metal. There’s a small stopper near one end of the tube. In order to smoke, you pack the weed into one end, light up, and inhale from the other. It’s referred to as a one-hitter because they tend to have enough space for one or two hits of weed before it’s all burnt.

The last kind is referred to as a bowl. It’s similar to a normal pipe and is generally made of glass. Rather than a wire mesh, a bowl is made to be curved. This keeps the burnt ash from getting sucked in through the pipe. Many also have a carb or carburetor. They work just like the automotive part in concept. You cover the carb when you first light up, causing the smoke to accumulate near the bowl. When you release the carb, the large mass of smoke is inhaled.

There are also things such as bongs and vaporizers, but if you’re a first-time smoker then it’s better to go simple. Remember to only use cleaned pipes that you purchase from a licensed dispensary, otherwise, you could wind up with more lung damage than you should have.

Growing With The Music: Looking At The Best Songs About Marijuana

Let’s be honest: weed and famous musicians have often gone hand in hand. Over the decades and seeing how so many creatives have used Marijuana in the past or while doing their art, it should come as no surprise that
there are many songs that have been all about the Mary Jane. Here is a short list across multiple genres of some of the best songs ever written about weed, that you can listen to driving while high, in chronological order:

“Reefer Man” by Cab Calloway (1932)
Going way back to the old blues legends for this one, Cab Calloway sang all about the Reefer Man even in his white tuxedo and big house hand. This is one of the way back classics and definitely could be considered the grandfather or great grandfather of the major weed songs.

“Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” by Bob Dylan (1966)
From the incredibly unorganized and chaotic beginning to the constant laughing and lilting lyrics, it seems only appropriate that Dylan’s anthem to weed with the refrain “Everybody must get stoned” would have a nonsense title. While this isn’t a song that is going to win points for melody, it’s an early joyous song celebrating marijuana and the humorous feelings it brings about.

“The Joker” by The Steve Miller Band (1973)
The song is all about smoking weed and this early 1970s song is the Steve Miller jam everyone knows, and just like he says in the song: he’s a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker. What more could you ask for? Maybe the straight out “coolest” song about dope out there.

“I Wanna Get High” by Cypress Hill (1993)
Cypress Hill made their mark on hip hop and were extremely known for their love of weed even before this song, but as the leading track to their second album, “I Wanna Get High” gets right to the point and blends a strange combination of hip-hop, funk, and sinister background sirens into a combination that makes for a great early urban song on marijuana.

“You Don’t Know How It Feels” by Tom Petty (1994)
There was no way to have this list without a Tom Petty song. While “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” is another obvious choice, kind of too obvious. This song was an amazing piece of work and among Petty’s best, not only talking about marijuana but the topic of aging, of the old party-goers, still fighting the clock, and the refrain says it best: get to the point and roll another joint. This is one!

“How High” by Redman and Method Man (1999)
These two huge early rap stars collaborated on an album that was all about the love they had for bud and this song was the headline from that album. Such a popular song that it even earned them roles in a movie of the same name, this song definitely belongs in the anthem of top pot songs.

“Because I Got High” by Afroman (2000)
The first song that jumps into many people’s heads when you talk about top marijuana songs, and still an extremely popular karaoke choice, “Because I Got High” was absolutely huge. Jay and Silent Bob appeared in the video at their height as pop culture icons, the lyrics were catchy and hilarious, and even Howard Stern spun this song on a regular basis. Unique one of a kind song and there’s a reason it has remained as popular as it has over the years.

“Weed With Willie” by Toby Keith (2003)
Yes, even a country song gets in on this list, which goes to show you how deep weed is in the culture. A hilarious shocking track that was completely unexpected from Toby Keith this story song of getting destroyed by Willie Nelson’s legendary weed was odd, hilarious, and celebratory in a way that has allowed it to earn its place on this list.

If this is not enough to get your weed song fill, then check out this list by our friends at Watch Mojo:

The Best Stoner Movies of All Time

Whether you enjoy marijuana if your state permits the use of it legally, or you simply enjoy watching iconic movies on websites, Hollywood has definitely put their spin on the stoner film. There is much debate over what classifies a film as a “stoner film“. Some argue that it must be about Marijuana, while others argue that it needs to be a good movie to watch while “high”. Nonetheless here is our list of our top stoner films:

1. Up in Smoke (1978)

One of the best stoner movies of all time is Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke.” This film follows two stoners who unintentionally end up smuggling a van made entirely of marijuana from Mexico to Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to them, they have an incompetent Sargent on their trail. Laughter ensues!

The film is one of my personal favorites and one that sparked a love for Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s work together. On Internet Movie Database (, the Up in Smoke has garnered a 7 out of 10 rating. Definitely worth a watch.

2. Half Baked (1998)

Another excellent stoner movie? “Half Baked!” This film follows four friends with a huge love for smoking pot. When one of the four ends up in jail, the other three come up with lots of crazy schemes to bust him out.

Starring Dave Chappelle, this movie is a gut-buster no matter if you enjoy marijuana or not. I definitely recommend it for a wonderful evening of laughs! IMDb rating: 6.7 out of 10.

3. The Big Lebowski (1998)

This film is truly one of the best and sports an impressive cast as well. When “The Dude” (played by Jeff Bridges) is erroneously thought to be millionaire Lebowski, two thugs wind up destroying his rug. Seeking retribution, The Dude enlists help from his bowling buds in order to get exactly that.

“The Big Lebowski” is a hugely hilarious film and one that definitely deserves to be watched. Jeff Bridges and John Goodman really breathe life into this movie, and it’s one that will keep you laughing from start to finish. With an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10, The Big Lebowski has definitely earned its spot on the list of best stoner movies of all time.

4. Grandma’s Boy (2006)

Fourth on the best stoner movies list? “Grandma’s Boy!” This movie follows a 35-year-old tester of video games and what happens when he is required to move in with his grandma and her two roommates. Some of the funniest clips involving the use of marijuana are present in this film, so if you are looking for a fantastic stoner movie to watch over the weekend, give this one a try. IMDb rating: 7 out of 10.

Hollywood has provided us with many wonderful stoner movies. Some honorable mentions include “Pineapple Express,” “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle,” “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, “How High,” and “Cannabis Kid.” So if you are looking for the perfect film to kick back and smoke some pot with, put in any of the movies we mentioned above or check out this cool list from WatchMojo: