Alternatives To Smoking Pot

If you are someone that smokes pot to de-stress and to provide your body with a way to relax, there are plenty of ways to successfully do so without having to do any sort of drug. There are a lot of activities that you can replace your pot smoking habit with that can provide you with the same kind of positive effects that you might be getting from marijuana usage. Below, we will be going over some of the top alternatives to smoking pot that don’t include the use of other drugs.

Top Alternatives To Smoking Pot:

1. Meditation.

Meditation is one of the best ways to relax and to de-stress. This is a practice that can truly provide a great method of relaxing and to treat anxiety. After all, it has been practiced for centuries to do just that. Meditation is essentially a way of helping you feel calm and providing you with a good and clear awareness of your life. There are a variety of forms of meditation, each providing the same type of benefits that you might be experiencing when you smoke pot. You will be practicing special breathing techniques and you will be doing things that really help to calm your mind and body and provide your mind and body with a special connection that you might have been able to achieve with your smoking habit.

2. Running.

Another very good and healthy way to relax and get a sort of healthy ‘high’ would be to take up running. Running is an excellent way to help your body and your mind relax just as you would if you were to smoke a joint. Because running can increase a number of endorphins in your brain, it is going to provide you with a natural and healthy ‘high’ feeling. Along with this, it is simply going to make you feel better overall due to allowing your body to get the exercise that it needs.

3. Float Tank.

Another excellent way to substitute your smoking sessions for the same kind of sensation and feeling would be to use a float tank. A float tank is a sensory deprivation tank that is going to place you in a tank full of salt water. Because the salt water will be concentrated enough to keep you afloat, it is going to be a way to completely immerse yourself into an experience of being in space. As a result, any sort of pain, tension, or stress that you might have in your body will be released for that time period which will allow you to have this level of focus you would never be able to achieve otherwise. This kind of activity can really mimic what your mind might be tricking your body into while you are smoking pot. This is a great activity to do if you are someone that wants to have the same kind of moments you might have had of ultra focus with your pot smoking.