7 Things You Should Not Do While High

Proponents and advocates of marijuana love to tout how safe the drug is. While it is rather difficult to suffer negative physical consequences from this drug like other, harder drugs, such as overdoses or serious withdrawal symptoms, that does not mean that the drug is perfectly safe to use in all circumstances. Keep reading to learn about 7 things you shouldn’t do while high on marijuana.

1) Get intoxicated with other things: Being high on marijuana meets the definition most states have for being under the influence. Don’t mix it with alcohol or harder drugs. Otherwise, you risk losing your health, self-control, and even consciousness. In such a condition, you might be at physical risk.

2) Operate motor vehicles: You likely are very familiar with the fact that operating a car, truck, or motorcycle while drunk from alcohol is dangerous and against the law. That’s been embedded into the public consciousness thanks to a generation or more of public service announcements and educational campaigns. What you might not know is that marijuana follows the same lines. While its physical effects are not identical, it can narrow a person’s focus, dull response time, and lead to poor physical coordination when behind the wheel. Even if you can drive safely, you can’t do so legally.

3) Operate anything with power or machinery: This is not the time to mow your yard, work with your wood-cutting tools in the garage, or use a chain saw. Save the home improvement projects for a sober Saturday. Forget about playing with fire under any circumstances.

4) Go shopping online: The Internet makes it possible to order just about anything online, and you can do so rather immediately in most cases. It’s all too possible to see a dream car, a high-value collectible, or an expensive pair of new shoes, and quickly move from lusting to going through the check-out process. Getting involved in a bidding war on eBay while high on marijuana is one thing you shouldn’t ever do.

5) Be high a state where’s not legal yet: It’s true that the number of states legalizing marijuana is rising more and more every year. However, it’s far from all 50. Don’t assume that just because a state is politically considering the legalization of it means that local law enforcement won’t bust you for having it or consuming it. Laws that are still on the books will be enforced until otherwise changed.

6) Be confused about the rules of the state you’re in: Some states let everyone have or use marijuana, and others only restrict it to certified medical cases. Know the boundaries in the state you are in. If you get high in a medical-only state and get caught by police without the right documentation, you’re in trouble.

7) Buy a house. If you buy a house while you’re high, you might have just wasted a lot of money. If that happens, you need to speak to a real estate lawyer immediately. If you’re in New York, you might consider attorney Staten Island, or you can look for a recommendation from your friends.

These 6 things you shouldn’t do while high on marijuana are just some of many, but they represent good starting points in setting up safe spaces and times for you to enjoy your drug of choice. If you want to see a funny video about this subject, watch the video below.